Family, Friends Of Lori Lynn Launch Website To Catch Lori's Killer

  • Web site seeks investigative leads and information
  • Blog will update the public about the latest developments in the case
  • Review key documents in the Web Site's Evidence Locker


CLEVELAND, OHIO - Monday, November 9th 2020 - is pleased to announce the launch of a new website to solicit investigative leads and keep the public up to date about the unsolved murder of Lori Lynn, who was murdered on August 1st just after noon and whose body was found on August 2nd, 2017. Lori was found sitting on the small ford farm tractor partially submerged in the water at her mother's Shannon Road home in Liberty. A police investigation has stalled, prompting Lori's family to launch their own, independent inquiry into her death. The website, sponsored and paid for by family and friends of Lori Lynn, includes key documents in an Evidence Locker, a blog with the latest information about the case, and a leads submission form to attract new leads for the investigative team.

Lori's sister Diane Pullin expressed the family's belief that Lori is a murder victim. "Lori was a 30 year veteran as a heavy equipment operator," said Ms. Pullin. "It doesn't make sense that she would drive a small farm tractor into the pond. It didn't, it wasn't on its side. The mower attached was still on the bank of the pond. … Nothing made sense. The toxicology report came back negative. She didn't have a stroke or organ failure. She didn't drown. We couldn't understand what happened that day she never came home."

Lori's family and friends retained former FBI agent Robert Friedrick to launch an independent inquiry of the case. Mr. Friedrick immediately identified potential leads and shortcomings in the police investigation, and has picked up the story from the last day of Lori's life. "We know that Lori Lynn left her home in Ravenna, Ohio on August 1, 2017 in the morning," said Mr. Friedrick. "She traveled to Liberty Township to pick up her mother to take her to court to sign documents. About 12 noon Lori arrived at her mother's, who was not home. She entered the house to find the documents needed and came out about thirty minutes later and left to find her mother. Her car returned approximately 40 minutes later and drove around the back of her mother's home through the yard to avoid the cameras. The car parked behind the barn. The following day Lori's body was found in a pond on the property."

"My mother's murder has no doubt rocked our family to its core, but we are stronger now, and dedicated to get justice for her no matter how long it takes," said Lori's daughter Samantha Lynn. "We appreciate all the help that you may be able to give our family to make sure that this Liberty Township killer gets off the streets before someone else gets hurt. Your support is immeasurable. You never know how a small, unlikely piece of information can get us closer to keeping all of the community safe."

WhoKilledLoriLynn is a website sponsored and paid for by family and friends of Lori. We are dedicated to tracking down the killers by obtaining investigative leads and information in order bring Lori's killer or killers to justice. For additional information, to check out our blog, or to provide any investigative tips, please visit

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