Video Raises More Questions than Answers (By Diane Pullin)

I was staying with my mother after Lori's death. It was difficult to sleep. Between my mother's dementia and Lori's suspected murder, I had nightmares and other disruptions through the night. Usually I would wake out of a nightmare around 3:30 a.m. I wouldn't be able to get back to sleep so I grabbed a blanket and went down to the basement to watch the videos of the day of Lori's death. There were four cameras, two color, two black and white. They were all mounted on the porch facing different directions. I watched the two colored ones mostly since they faced the driveways and were better quality pictures. This morning though, I saw movement on one of the black and white cameras. It was Lori's car being driven through the grass from behind the house, not down the driveway. I watched as it bobbed back and forth down the slope and then up the hill behind the 2 car garage disappearing as it drove toward the barn. That's where Tim Lynn found her car, hidden behind the barn, pulled back far enough that you couldn't see it from the driveway leading to the barn. Her purse, keys, and glasses were inside it. Who would drive a new 2017 Nissan pathfinder into our father's trash field behind the barn on top of broken glass and sharp metal chards? Definitely not Lori!! That was the most expensive vehicle she ever purchased and she considered it her last vehicle now that she had retired. 


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