Lori’s car was hidden behind the barn

Would you park your car on a trash site filled construction materials discards?  That’s exactly where Lori’s car was hidden behind the barn on top of broken glass.  Her father used to use that particular area to burn construction scrap. The area was currently grown in with grass, but still contained glass, nails, etc, from the old scrap. Lori’s car was new and just washed that day.  When Lori visited her mother she always parked her car under a large shade tree in the summer in view of the house so her mother knew she was on the property.  Interestingly, weeks after Lori’s body was discovered, the trash site where the car was found was cleaned up by a family member.  The top soil was scrapped clean and the trash was buried and large pieces pushed to the property line.  The trash had been there for over 40 years.  Why now?  Was someone trying to destroy possible evidence?  At this time, most of the close family members were collecting and preserving everything we could think that may be evidence... there was only one family member selling and scrapping what would later be confirmed as evidence. Check out the photos of the car and the shade tree in the evidence locker. Stay tuned for other photos in the evidence locker of the inside of her car and a blog explaining the struggle to get her car forensically evaluated by police.


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