There has been a lot of talk out there. Some rumor, some true, most has been a mix of both. I am here to set the record straight. The details of this story begin on Aug 2 2017. I, Lori’s youngest daughter, will speak of people in terms of my relationship with them)


My father and my mother’s brother, Chip, had just discovered my mother lying face down in a pond, on top of a large farm tractor just hours earlier. We are sitting on my Dad’s front lawn. An unknown source arrived and told me that Chip Pullin’s name was on the POC for the coroner (Dr. Humphrey Germaniuk of Trumbull County- FYI he died apprx 2 months after he ruled case a homicide). I immediately felt offended. It should most always be the next of kin, right? This unknown source, called the coroner for me and had it changed to my sister and I. 


Now, this is where things get sticky. The news had reported several times that “The Coroner had changed his ruling from accidental… I am here to tell you that he never RULED anything an accident. This may seem minute, but to me it's a part of the mystery. Maybe bigger than any of us know. 


That unknown source spoke to the coroner. The information that was relayed to me, was that Chief Tison and Chip Pullin had called the coroner while on the scene and reported to him that they believed it looked like an accident. He also reported that they could not get in touch with “the daughters”. What? Is he talking about?


Okay, let's pull this statement apart..


SO, if the Chief calls the coroner and says that it looks like an accident, that means that the Coroner will not come out to the scene. If he doesn’t come out to the scene, he doesn’t collect evidence.  But wait, a body was found face down in water. Can you tell if a body has water in the lungs by just looking at it? Are you qualified to make that determination? I know I’m not and I can’t. So, against his better judgment (or on purpose-you can decide) Chief Tisone decides it was an accident, the Coroner took his word and did not come out to see the scene, the body, or take pictures. HMMM??? If the cops say it's an accident, they collect nothing. No evidence, no taping off the scene, nothing. 


Next part of the statement: Chip is put on the Coroner point of contact, which, I suppose to anyone else wouldn’t ring any alarm bells, he is her brother,right? BUT, the weird part is that it was said that they could not contact myself or my sister. We were attached to our phones all day long. And at that particular time, we were still driving in from Pittsburgh and had not yet been to the scene. Not one call on my cell report or my sisters cell report has any missed calls or voicemails from Chip, Rich Tisone or the Coroner’s office. 


So although the Coroner first heard “accidental” from Tisone, he never had it put on any death certificate. The only death certificates my sister and I received say “pending investigation” and “homicide”. The only person(s) trying to portray an accident here were Chip and Tisone, and (because of Tisone) the Media.


but Why?


Stay tuned for the next blog, from this story’s unknown source!


As always, thank you for your support.


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