Does the tractor evidence hold the key to solving this murder?

Does the tractor evidence hold the key to solving this murder? Image



Anyone who knew my mom knows that she spent 30 + years of her career working on heavy machinery. She had her CDL license and worked for Shelly and Sands working as road crew for many years. She also helped build the two man made ponds in my grandmother’s backyard.


For the people in the back, SHE HELPED BUILD THE POND SHE WAS FOUND IN. 


The initial theory of the police was that she hit her head on a tree branch and drove herself into the pond. I knew this was wrong. Way wrong. To add more controversy to their theory, we paid to get the tractor forensically evaluated and in this report, it shows evidence to the contrary. 


My thoughts travel a little deeper when trying to figure this out… Okay, so the video shows my mom leaving the house at approximately 1236pm and the car returning (through the yard) at approximately 115pm. For argument's sake, let’s assume SHE drove her car through the  yard. There’s another moment on this video that is a topic we will cover later in more detail, but shows Chip’s wife Kim Pullin on camera waving towards the field at approximately 2pm. WHO WAS SHE WAVING AT? (According to Kim, she reported not seeing my mother that day, in fact, she said she was waving at a cat!) Again, for argument’s sake, let’s say it was my mom.  That means she was “cutting” the field for about 45 minutes. The photos on the engineer report and other evidence, shows only one loop until the tractor goes into the pond. This amount of cutting would take no longer than 10-15 minutes. This raises so many questions to me, as I try to debunk myself, and other’s arguments to see if there was any possible way this could be something other than a homicide, and I cannot. 


The small Ford farm tractor was in working order, and had no malfunctions. Unfortunately, the family no longer has the tractor. My mother’s brother,Chip, had the tractor scrapped for a few hundred dollars at a local scrap yard about 3 weeks after finding my mother’s body. Why did he scrap the tractor? What was it hurting by just sitting there on the farm? Also, the tractor does not officially belong to anyone but my grandmother so if anyone had any right to sell it, it was her. These questions are yet to be answered by Chip.


Please see the evidence locker for the full forensic engineering report of the tractor.


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